Personal Issues

Many individual dental practitioners in England have been helped by the OCC Ltd team. Advice is handed out on a regular basis and legal advice can be accessed through OCC Ltd contacts. Our legal advisers are all familiar with the new NHS contracts and their vagaries.

The scale of the financial problems we have handled varies from just a few thousand pounds up to several hundreds of thousands of pounds and now more than a million pounds. Many of our clients have been able to save themselves considerable sums in their dealings with NHS England. Some have been very grateful to have the burden of dealing with these issues lifted from their shoulders.

Some of the issues surrounding the new English NHS contracts for General Dental Practitioners have proved to be contentious and difficult. The knowledge that is available to OCC Ltd is vast, comprehensive and leading-edge, grounded as it is in the real world of contract discussions that are happening right now.

The future needs of GDPs in this area will probably increase in the next few years and any potential clients who feel they may be in need of OCC Ltd support are invited to ring John Renshaw in the first instance to discuss their problems and to see if OCC Ltd can help.

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