International Consultancy

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland recently implemented a probity assurance arrangement for their Dental Treatments Services Scheme (DTSS). The DTSS is a state-sponsored dental care system providing care to over a million people at a cost of more than 60 million euros. OCC Ltd was awarded the contract to undertake an evaluation of the probity arrangements since its implementation.

An ideal probity system can be defined using three broad categories: the structural components, the processes that operate within the system and the outcomes that help define whether the levels of probity reach the currently agreed standards. For dental care, this requires information systems, a sound legal framework within which the contract is set, quality assessment mechanisms and reporting arrangements on the degree to which care providers deviate from the agreed standard in clinical and non-clinical areas. Furthermore, the costs of running the components of the system had to be assessed in order to establish the cost benefits and effectiveness of any proposal. OCC Ltd’s expertise in all these fields was instrumental in being awarded the contract. Working with all parties involved in the system including finance, contracting and legal services along with the dental profession, OCC Ltd developed sound proposals that were accepted by the HSE Board.

To complete the contract successfully the task required strong leadership and management expertise, a high degree of sensitivity, strong negotiation skills and not least, diplomacy: skills that OCC Ltd have. This has helped ensure that the solutions proposed were both practical and sustainable and most importantly, acceptable to all parties.

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