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Oral Care Consultancy (OCC) was approached by a Hospital Trust that historically provided dental care to their employees as a work-based welfare employee benefit. The Trust could not find a way to continue this under the new NHS dental contract and the benefit was terminated on a temporary basis.

The trust decided to commission an organisation to review this decision and to provide options for the future of dental health care to employees. OCC was awarded the tender and after an initial scoping meeting was briefed to provide a report around the following areas:

  • Was the advice to cease the benefit appropriate?
  • Was dental care a valued benefit?
  • Where could/and how easy was it for employees to source their own dental care?
  • If this was valued what mechanisms could be employed to re-introduce the benefit?
  • What costings were involved?
  • What advantage did the benefit provided bring to the Trust?

After an initial briefing with the appropriate PCTs and having the expertise to translate the contract terms and conditions into the scenario it was possible to assure the Trust that cancelling the benefit was appropriate.

The remaining work was to advise on whether the benefit was perceived as a worthwhile bonus by employees and on what terms it could be re-introduced and at what cost to the Trust.

OCC carried out a small qualitative survey from employees and researched the market for options for dental health care as an employee benefit. A report was provided listing:

  • The level of care options available with private companies (both NHS and private)
  • The options on costing splits
  • The costings of these schemes – to employers and to employees
  • The market perception of these schemes as an employee benefit
  • The opinion of the OCC consultants on whether the option would be perceived as ‘value for money’

After consideration of the report, the Trust decided to removed dental care as an employee benefit.

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