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We had John help prepare our bid for a NHS contract which, without his help, would have never got past the 1st stage. So if you really want to work with the NHS get somebody like OCC behind you.

Deep Somal

Does exactly what it says on the tin (or website)!

Niall Hutchinson

Thank you very much for the great support in dealing with NHS. I appreciated your immediate response for any issue we consulted you with. We were extremely surprised what a great reputation John Renshaw has.

NHS commissioners and practice advisers have shown him such great respect, that I would rather describe it as reverence. Due to his presence the NHS commissioners and practice advisers have completely changed their attitude towards our issues.

Susanne Berr

John was absolutely excellent in helping us put our tender together. It was our first tender and dealing with the PCT machine was a nightmare. John was full of advice, and happy to help and chat on the phone at any time. He produced work to very tight deadlines. We have now won our tender and it is thanks to John and all his help.

Shapour Hariri

John Renshaw of OCC supported me in producing a tender to put forward to the PCT. As we were a start-up company with little experience in this matter, John mentored us throughout the embryonic stages of the tender until the successful accomplishment of the contract. This was purely achieved through integral milestones that John possesses; Experience, knowledge, assertiveness, good judgement, dedication and most importantly generosity. I wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

Mohamed Elghazawy (Managing Director of El's Dencare Ltd)

I found yourself and your organisation very helpful and considerate to my needs when dealing with our local PCT.


I would certainly like to thank you for all the help and time commitment offered by OCC. The advice and help was always available even on weekends and out of hours which was great. I wish you all the success with your company and I am sure with a director and team comprising of forward thinking people the sky is the limit.

Dr RK Handa

Oral Care Consulting Limited have provided me with absolutely first class service. They were punctual, skilled, good value for money, informative and supportive. Even after I had settled their invoices they would help me with queries months after the event. I cannot recommend OCC enough.

Like most dentists I am relatively cash rich and time poor so it was such a relief to pass them the ball and let them run with it and let me get on with what I am (I hope) good at. I wish I had discovered them sooner.

Dr. G.E.F. Fickert MFDS, RCS Eng, BDS (B'ham)

OCC gave insight, support and much needed answers to all my PCT problems. Always available, always trusted, reassuringly always there! A class team that deserves several gold medals! Forget 999, call OCC - They’re the real Dentists emergency service. Who ye gonna call, OCC - The PCT Busters!!!!

Mohammed Siddiqui

I am writing to thank you for the expert help you recently gave my practice. Your design of our fund application to the PCT was far more extensive and professional than we could have produced in-practice. It had all the "bells and whistles" bureaucrats like to see and we expect it to "tick all the boxes". Will let you know the result soon.

Dr. Anthony R. Morton

I have worked with OCC twice so far, prompted by a friend ,both tendering for NHS contracts. From the very first moment I was impressed with the high level of professionalism the understanding and efficiency of the OCC people. I will never forget contacting one of the OCC members on his mobile on a Saturday evening (!) while he was on holiday (!!) in Spain...and he spent nearly an hour on the phone explaining things to us about Monday's presentation...!!! I can't recommend them enough. they are a credit to the profession

Ilias Triantafyllou

My first contact with Mr John Renshaw was during my NHS bid on 2007 His creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through really made these presentations distinctive and successful.

Mansour Kangi

Always ready to help in any dental situation, their knowledge of dentistry in this country is second to none.

Mike Brown

I am extremely satisfied with the service, I would most definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Dr Uddin

I consider the professional, supportive and focused approach used by John to have played a vital role in our endeavours to purchase a dental practice and highly recommend him when dealing with what can be very complex and frustrating situations.

Deena Abdalla

John is very professional, he is extremely helpful and ensures that his clients are able to contact him at all times. I have no reservations whatsoever in endorsing OCC.

Kofi Acheampong

The support, advice and direction have been excellent, it is a shame I didn't approach you sooner.

Minesh Patel