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About Us

Oral Care Consulting Limited (OCC) is the product of a conversation that took place about five years ago between 3 of the leading figures in UK dentistry. We had a senior academic in dental public health (Paul Batchelor), a past President of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (Mike Mulcahy) and a former Chairman of the British Dental Association (John Renshaw) gathered around the table.

"I wonder if any other three people in the UK know as much about dentistry as we three do?"

That started us thinking and we wondered if there could be a market for the kind of high level skills and enormous experience we possessed. We wondered who our customers might be and we decided that we might be useful to other dentists or to Local Dental Committees, we could advise Primary Care Trusts and there would be other groups we might be able to help.

There and then we decided to set up a consultancy company to offer our services to a world that didn't even know we existed - at that point.

The combination of knowledge and experience that the three Directors of OCC possess is unrivalled and if we don't know the answer to your problem we will certainly know someone who will. Our list of professional contacts is endless.

We've been in business for four full years now and we have trebled our turnover each year. Our success is due to our knowledge of the dental industry and the first class quality of the help we offer our clients.

Whatever your issues may be, think about OCC!