Promoting Success in Competitive Tendering

Learn something about the NHS tendering process and see how OCC Ltd can help you if you are thinking of bidding for an NHS contract.

OCC is all about helping dentists, dentistry and the wider dental industry.

The two Directors of OCC Ltd (John Renshaw and Paul Batchelor) have knowledge and expertise covering all areas of primary care dentistry and can advise you and your colleagues on a wide range of familiar and, perhaps,  unfamiliar concerns for dental practice owners, individual dentists working as associates and broader service providers, including issues related to the complexity of NHS contracts and especially tendering for new NHS contracts.

We have a lot of experience in private dentistry provision as well and any specific issues that arise from that very different relationship with patients can be discussed with someone here who knows, from years of personal experience, what it’s like to offer and deliver private dentistry in the UK, the difficulties that can arise and how to deal with them.

John Renshaw is an experienced operator in this field, he has an amazing depth of experience and his CV is impressive; he will be well known to many of you. He regularly works as an expert witness at General Dental Council Fitness to Practice hearings and knows a lot about that procedure, the lawyers who work in that very special litigation field, and he knows how the GDC behaves and acts.

Paul Batchelor has worked in academic dentistry and dental public health for over forty years and he is a well-known figure in that arena. If you have public health issues or you need help with in-practice research work, he can help a lot. If you are looking to add academic credibility to your latest project, Paul might well be the best person to help you.

The combination of knowledge and experience that the two Directors of OCC Ltd possess is unrivalled in the industry. If we don’t know the answer to your problem and can’t help you find a way out of it, we will certainly know someone else who will. Our list of professional contacts is endless.

We’ve been running this successful consultancy business for over fifteen years now. Our success is built on our knowledge of the dental industry and the first-class quality of the help we offer our clients. Many of our clients have told us they could not have managed to deal with their problems without our help.

Whatever your issues may be in dentistry, think about OCC Ltd as a likely place to find the answers you need!

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